Building Teams For Improved Effectiveness

Use the Predictive Index in Building Teams

Building teams doesn’t need to involve a lot of guesswork – take a proven path to more constructive teamwork.While individual efforts are required for an organization to reach its overall goals, it’s through tightknit teamwork that objectives are met. Building teams have become a priority, but how do you build strong teams that work together towards common goals?

Collaborate and Recognize Greatness

Establishing teams to tackle problems and objectives is not a novel idea, but one idea that is starting to prove profitable is to take more time to acknowledge successful collaborative events.

When a member of the team does something above and beyond, they need to be recognized, either publicly or privately if they aren’t ones for being in the spotlight. Even an email blast sent to the entire team and management celebrating success can be a boost to the overall morale of the team when they accomplish something together.

Settle on a Common Goal

Most daily tasks are focused on meeting short-term goals. Projects can come in phases, but the overall goal must be one that is shared throughout the team.

Goals can, and should, be flexible. However, it must be established from the beginning what everyone is working toward because this can impact how each team member approaches their task.

Empower the Players

How empowered do your employees feel? Are you giving them enough rope to feel a sense of autonomy, yet still be part of the team? This can be a powerful motivator that speeds up the rate of success, but it has a side effect of being contagious, infecting other members and positively impacting the way you approach building teams.

Follow the Metrics

All high functioning teams evaluate their processes. They make the best effort to be effective, yet they follow metrics to get a closer look, evaluate possible weaknesses, maintain their strengths and keep pushing along until the destination is reached.

In most cases, you’re looking at how much time is spent on each task, regardless of how minute it must seem. However, the metrics must be data-driven if you’re going to make fact-based decisions on how you proceed as a team.

Let Ideas Fly

If you have regular team meetings, ensure that every voice has an opportunity to be heard. If someone has an idea, give it room to air out, because each member will have their unique take on the way something is handled.

Sure, not all of the ideas are going to be great, but they can build upon each other and result in a new way to manage a task or reach a goal.

The best team building strategies in the world may fall short if you’ve got the wrong employees on your team. By utilizing the predictive index method, you can identify who will work best on which team.

At PI Consulting Group, our cognitive and behavioral assessment unlocks previously unknowable attributes about your current or prospective team members. Contact us today and let’s discuss this scientifically proven method of building teams that meet their goals, time and again.