A Pre-Employment Screening Improves Retention

Your Pre-Employment Screening Program Can Assist in Meeting Goals

In a traditional hiring scenario, you send out a job description for an open spot in your organization, you receive,Introduce a pre-employment screening program and improve retention. hopefully, many resumes and begin setting up interviews for qualified candidates. At any point along the hiring process do you offer a pre-employment screening?

Despite your attention to detail in providing the best, most insightful interview situation, you have likely at some point hired what seemed to be the perfect candidate only to find out they really didn’t fit with your company culture. For this reason, a pre-employment screening is key.

Improve Retention

When you unknowingly hire the wrong person, you spend time and money onboarding them, making sure they’ve got all the tools they need to succeed, but because they aren’t a good fit, the strongest onboarding in the world may not keep them around.

By utilizing a pre-employment screening, you gain insight into how a person works, what motivates them and whether or not they’ll fit your culture. For those who have never invested in this type of hiring mechanism, once they do, they find an immediate return on investment, because not only are the right employees sticking around longer, they’re more productive and happier.

Give Management More Insights

Most employees have a specific way in which they want to be managed. Some prefer a more hands-on approach by management, while others want minimal instruction or what they perceive as micromanagement.

A pre-employment screening gives you those insights into how a person prefers to be overseen. Do they want a mentor? Do they want to work side-by-side with team members or do they function at a higher level flying solo? Your screening should assist in unlocking these questions.

Predictive Index

If you want to employ a screening method that is proven to work, you need the Predictive Index method.

It’s an easily administered assessment, which when analyzed by a professional, can identify more than 7,000 positive correlations between business performance and the assessment.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the PI experts ready to assist your team in bringing you the best people for the job. Furthermore, our solutions can help you understand who will work best on teams and how they prefer to be managed. We’re helping you take the guesswork out of the process, so contact us today and we’ll explain more in depth how it works.