Conflict Resolution: How to Use Conflict to Your Advantage

Insights Into Conflict Resolution

Listening to everyone involved in a conflict is a good approach to effective conflict resolution.The workplace is a multi-generational consortium, which has advantages but can also lead to conflict. Conflict resolution is the process through which opportunities can be gained, but only if approached in the right way. What can you do to improve the outcomes of conflict in your workplace?

There have to be at least two sides, two differing opinions for there to be conflict, and this is actually where ideas for improved productivity and new pathways for reaching goals can begin. However, when handled poorly, the opposite becomes true.

Listen to All Sides

Nothing breeds contempt more than taking sides without explanation. A good leader will approach conflict resolution with an open ear, ready to hear what all sides are saying. There has to be a true understanding of everyone’s ideas and a meaningful discussion can follow.

Good managers will demonstrate the ability to show empathy while asking the right questions. They allow people to fully explain themselves, their ideas and reasons for taking stances – and they do this without interrupting or criticizing.

Get Everyone Involved

When you allow your employees to make critical decisions, you’re empowering them and giving them the toolset they need to improve in their career. The side effect is that you’re also helping to form a more engaged, loyal and productive employee.

It’s not uncommon for there to be some mixed emotions as the conflict is resolved. However, it’s important to make the person whose idea didn’t fly to continue being part of the solution. This is also an empowering process and can calm any frayed nerves.

Respond With Haste

Managers that ignore conflict miss out on opportunities to make improvements. They’re also allowing a situation to become worse. Conflicts that aren’t managed quickly can escalate, making resolution even harder.

Being proactive by intervening and setting up a scenario where all sides can be fleshed out leads to the best outcomes.

Choose Your Team Wisely

It’s almost impossible to tell how two or more people are going to work together. Any number of events can trigger something that can lead to conflict. However, if you choose your teams by utilizing the predictive index method, you’re going to have a better understanding of how people will work in teams.

The method utilizes a cognitive and behavioral assessment that reveals a variety of workplace behaviors. At PI Consulting Group, we know people are complex, but our solutions unlock those complexities and give our clients advanced knowledge that can improve how their teams are put together. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can assist you in your efforts to improve conflict resolution.