Making Company Culture an Integral Part of Your Value Proposition

Hiring Smart Improves Company Culture

Salary and benefits are important, but when you’re trying to attract the best people for your open positions, thoseHow you handle conflict resolution must be considered within the context of your company culture. two items aren’t the only consideration to keep in mind. Company culture is fast becoming the key to attracting better candidates.

Your unique blend of company culture should come to you naturally, and it’s about more than just having a free soda machine or allowing workers to bring their dogs to work – there are some fundamental elements that can define a “good” company culture.

Better Communication

Company culture suffers when there is a lack of communication. Organizations with high turnover are often those where the management lacks communication skills. This oversight is quickly noticed by employees who feel detached, and ultimately that leads to low motivation.

Don’t let big company decisions take your employees by surprise. Good communicators not only keep everyone in the loop, they ask for input on big decisions. This gives employees a sense of empowerment, which has positive side effects, including loyalty and better productivity. This is why being great communicators is a vital part of company culture.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the workplace can actually be productive, but only if it’s handled correctly. Conflict can occur when two or more differing opinions collide. In the best situations, it’s a conflict of ideas rather than personal grudges. However, egos can come into play, and it’s important to evaluate the players.

Once a conflict has become apparent, you need to react immediately. All sides must be heard and a fair decision has to be handed down with an insightful explanation that won’t leave any of the parties feeling slighted. It’s a tall order, but if you’ve assembled your team correctly, they will have the temperament and tools required to handle the outcome.

Hiring Smarter

Company culture will attract the right people, but how do you know they’ll be a perfect fit for specific roles or specific teams? Rather than blindly guessing and onboarding the wrong person, you need to take a more scientific approach.

The predictive index method of filling important roles has been around for decades, which means it’s time and again been validated. This method involves a behavioral and cognitive assessment that reveals many important aspects of a person’s ability to fit into your company culture.

It’s also a smart tool for recognizing how someone will deal with conflict in specific environments.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve assisted clients in many industries with hiring smarter. We know every organization has a unique company culture and we assist them in leveraging scientifically proven methods for identifying which candidates make the most sense for their open positions. Furthermore, our solutions can identify future leaders. Contact us today and find out more about how we can help your organization.