Promoting a Culture of Happy Employees

Utilize the Predictive Index to Create a Culture of Happy Employees

Strong communication, offering education opportunities and smart hiring all lead to happy employees.Do your employees love your company or do they dread coming in to work every day? You can probably answer that question by looking at productivity around your office. Happy employees are people who relish being part of your company culture; they are fulfilled, content and productive. How can you promote this way of life?

Know Your Employees

Who do you know that would go around saying, “I want to be known as just a number.” Nobody wants to be treated like a number, regardless of how great your compensation package is. Happy employees feel like their co-workers, managers and executives actually know who they are and care about them.

The only way to truly know your employees is to promote a culture of communication in the workplace and to take interest in what makes them tick. Happy workers feel like their employers value them, and you can show that by being flexible in the options you offer them, such as work-from-home opportunities and furthering education and training.

Follow the Leader

In early October, HubSpot was named the #1 best company for employee happiness by Comparably. What we know about HubSpot is that they value employee feedback, which means they’re not only asking for employee opinions, they’re acting on them.

A HubSpot representative talking about being ranked as having the happiest employees said they design their benefits and perks to solve for happiness and help their employees grow personally and professionally.

Flexibility is also at the core of what HubSpot does – they’re giving their employees the flexibility to create their ideal work/life balance. Furthermore, the company is always looking for opportunities to improve autonomy, growth, benefits and perks.

Hiring Smarter

Not everyone in the workforce is going to be a good fit for your company.
Rather than taking guesses, hire smarter with the assistance of the predictive index method. This is a process whereby your job applicants take a cognitive and behavior assessment, which can identify hidden aspects of a person’s workplace behaviors – and it’s certainly more revealing than what a resume and interview can provide.

At PI Consulting Group, our solutions have been scientifically validated, which means when you partner with us, you’re going to be able to make a fact-based decision on who you hire and/or who you groom for leadership roles. Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do for your company and the happiness of your employees.