Improve Your Hiring Process and Create a Strong Company Culture

Hiring Process Strategies That Work

Organizations with a high-functioning hiring process find employees who are built to succeed.The definition of talent can be flexible. Let’s say you hired someone who on paper looks to have a high degree of talent, yet they just didn’t fit your company culture. They’re still talented, but it’s not the type of talent you are looking for. Your hiring process must take into account that a person who is a good fit for your organization is the right kind of talent.

Attract the Right Prospects

If you’re like most organizations, you’ve got a page dedicated to open positions. The way you approach this page says a lot about the people who contact you interested in these positions.

Go through your page and ensure that all job descriptions are accurate and that all the requirements are clearly defined. Furthermore, make sure the page has all the necessary links and contact information because you don’t want to make it difficult for them to apply. Staying consistent with your company culture in this outreach will also ensure you’re getting the right applicants in your hiring process.

Your job doesn’t end there; you also have to make sure the job listings are updated. If a position is filled, be sure it’s not still listed. If you’re not getting hits on a listing that remains vacant, take another look at the description and requirements to make sure you haven’t made a mistake, but also look for ways to improve it to make it more attractive.

Focus on Personality

Most organizations can agree that the best prospects are those that are motivated to be productive, they’re decisive and don’t make rash decisions. They’re people who have displayed an impressive amount of emotional intelligence. They’re honest and assertive, so make sure when you interview your candidates you’re looking for these attributes of a person’s personality.

You might identify a person with these traits during your hiring process, yet they lack the necessary skills and experience. Don’t pass them up just because of this, because these are people who are motivated to learn. They might not hit the ground running, so to speak, but they will eventually outshine those who lack these attributes.

At PI Consulting Group, we help clients find people who will function at high levels. We assist them in pulling in people who will fit their company culture and work well on established teams. Furthermore, by utilizing a scientifically proven method called the predictive index, our clients find the people with leadership qualities that will eventually lead them to future goals. Contact us today and let’s talk about our processes.