How Differences Can Become an Asset With Conflict Resolution

A Fresh Take on Conflict Resolution

Embracing a conflict resolution strategy can help your team members become a stronger team.Diversity has its advantages. A diverse workplace means there are many different skill sets being utilized to meet a shared goal. Unfortunately, diversity can also come with its share of conflict, but can you use it to your advantage? Conflict resolution strategies can keep your drama in check while improving productivity.

Get Everyone Involved

When a conflict comes up, what are you doing to resolve it? One way to make sure nobody feels slighted is to involve everyone in the resolution. Workplace conflicts are generally composed of two sides that have reached an impasse. Only one side can come out victorious, which can be hard for the morale of the person who is on the other side.

Rather than make them feel ostracized, make them part of the solution. When brought in as a key collaborator, they will feel less slighted and more empowered to see an objective through to the end.

Accept Conflict as a Natural Thing

You have to be willing to recognize when conflict is occurring, assess the situation and quickly jump in to find a resolution. In fact, people in companies that tend to ignore the situation find themselves digging themselves out of a deeper hole later.

Proactively interacting will prevent the issue from getting out of hand. However, the best results only occur if you’re being fair, listening to both sides and making decisions that will benefit the organization rather than feed one or the other’s ego.

It’s an Opportunity – Not a Hassle

Okay, maybe conflicts are a bit of a hassle, but only if you’re not seeing it as an opportunity to improve. Conflict resolution management needs to involve utilizing these challenges as a means of digging deeper into issues that impact the organization. Conflicts can be intense, and the ideas that come out of them can be a huge benefit for growth opportunities.

Is the conflict due to a fundamental issue that has been an elephant in the room? If it’s come to a head, it’s time to truly deal with it and move beyond this hurdle.

Conflict resolution strategies that utilize the Predictive Index method can bring great value to organizations that embrace it. Rather than taking a chance on which employees will be on a team together, the Predictive Index method uses science to determine how they’ll coexist on a team.

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