Are You Still Relying on the Traditional Interview to Make Hiring Decisions?

Taking a New Approach to the Hiring Process

Don’t get stuck in a rut in your hiring process – utilize the Predictive Index to find the candidate that is the best fit for your team.Soft skills are a highly prized attribute in job candidates. But how do you assess the level of their skills when you rely heavily on the traditional interview? The hiring process is failing companies who still base their decision on a traditional interview process.

Your ideal candidates may have readily available proof of education, job experience and other tangibles like that, but when it comes to measuring their temperament how much can you tell in a traditional interview? Understanding temperament in candidates is important in establishing strong teams and an interview will fall short of telling you who is the best fit for your team.

Where the Interview Fails

In a recent LinkedIn report titled “Global Recruiting Trends 2018,” they found a traditional interview was weakest in assessing soft skills. Understanding candidate weaknesses also scored low. The report highlighted that interviewer bias that interview bias can get in the way of truly assessing a candidate’s skills. If your interviewers aren’t asking the right questions, they’re not going to gain any visibility into the candidate’s aptitude.

To get around these issues, the hiring process has to be supplemented with some out-of-the-box thinking.

The Audition

A key way to find out if a candidate is a good fit for your team is to have them do real work before they’re offered a position. The process involves one-day events that are often referred to as “job auditions.” It allows you to see in real time how they respond to workplace stimuli. You’ll see them in action, interacting with fellow teammates and you’ll get a better idea of how they’ll fit in with your company culture.

Going High-Tech

Bringing in virtual reality has its perks. For example, if you have the technology at your disposal, you can put a candidate in a simulated situation in a 3D environment, allowing you to test their abilities and see how they work with others.

Make it Casual

Job candidates come to an interview with a specific mindset: they’re on point and they’re fully aware that they’re being analyzed. You’re seeing them in interview mode, which is not what you’ll get over the course of a normal workday.

Therefore, organizations are finding value in following up a good interview with one that is more casual, perhaps over dinner where everyone can unwind and a truer sense of identity can be revealed.

Predictive Index

The Predictive Index has impacted the way organizations hire and how they determine who will work well together on specific teams.

Rather than rely on the traditional interview questions, the Predictive Index method utilizes a suite of assessments that reveal important traits that will determine how well they fit on your team.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve assisted clients in a variety of industries to augment their traditional hiring process in such a way that they’re identifying great candidates without going through an onboarding process that falls flat in the end. Contact us and let’s talk about our methods.