How Can You Develop Goal-Oriented Collaboration With Team Building?

Take a New Approach to Team Building

When you think about the attributes of teams that really excel, hit deadlines and reach their goals consistently,Embracing diversity and sharing goals are important aspects of team building. they’re usually teams staffed with people who have a variety of skillsets. When you regularly focus on strategic team building, employees not only develop a breadth of different skills, they also learn to use conflict for growth.

Often referred to as cross-functional, these are teams that have found their way around the usual roadblocks that seem destined to deter organizations from reaching their potential. A cross-functional team looks at these challenges and steps up to them with just the right amount of attitude, passion and flare.

Who is Doing What?

A cross-functional team has members that bring different disciplines from departments across the organization. This can cause some confusion because there isn’t always a lot of visibility into what each member actually does in their individual, unique department. To get around this, roles need to be clearly defined so everyone knows what their responsibility is on the team.

When roles aren’t clearly defined, frustration ensues. It’s important for employees on the team to know what their colleagues are doing, or at least have a basic understanding of it. By clearly defining roles, each member also knows who is making the decisions, which can create a more cohesive collaborative process.

Coming Together Through Diversity

It’s easy to get caught up in a singular mind frame. Each member of the team has a specialty and they’re counted on to do that well. However, when approaching team building, each member needs to develop respect for different perspectives.

Diversity can come in the form of race, age, culture and sexual orientation, which means team building also requires a modicum of flexibility in being open to those with different mindsets. An effective manager will address these differences up front in a tactful manner, especially if the diversity is wide-ranging.

Again, these differences can enhance the workplace experience, but only for people who are accepting and open to new thought processes.

Tapping the Right Candidates

Bringing in new tools to fill the gaps in the traditional interview process is key for finding the best candidate for a new job. “PI helps you put the whole picture together for a prospective new employee. And that is a very, very important picture, said Bob Clark, President and Founder of PI Consulting Group. Also, when you’re tapping into the existing workforce, these tools can help you identify who will work best on each specific team.

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