How Talent Analytics Can Help Shape Your Company Culture

Creating a More Productive Workplace With Talent Analytics

Hire smarter by utilizing talent analytics and the Predictive Index method.Having trouble retaining employees? Consider that they aren’t necessarily leaving the company – they’re leaving their managers. A Gallup poll of more than a million workers found that the main reason people quit is that they are at odds with their immediate supervisor. Can talent analytics help curb this phenomenon?

Talent analytics involves utilizing the right technology to collect and analyze statistics (or “people data”), which results in fact-based decision-making that not only brings you the right talent but helps you retain them once they’ve been onboarded. Furthermore, utilizing this technology can also bring insights into how your employees are being managed.

Use the Right Technology

When you connect to the right talent analytics tools, you can manage your team by better tracking their performance. You can use these tools to get visual human resources metrics and plan your budget. The tools will also help you analyze and manage your current environment.

Management Styles

Management can be the weak link in your retention goals. Look around your office and see if any of these descriptions match your managers:

1. Your manager has reached a leadership position and they suddenly forgot where they came from. The take on an air of superiority and tend to talk down to employees.

2. Your manager seems willing to do anything to preserve their position. They blindly follow orders and do nothing more than is expected of them for fear that they might put themselves in a risky situation. They lack passion and are poor role models to employees.

3. Your manager is a micro-manager, constantly hounding employees to reach deadlines and goals. Rather than motivate employees, they intimidate, which kills creativity and leads to an unhappy employee looking for greener pastures.

4. Your manager believes they actually run the company and everyone around them serves at his or her pleasure. They don’t ask for feedback and ignore it when offered. The outcome is employees feeling unappreciated, which kills morale.

If you’re having a tough time avoiding these personality types, bring the Predictive Index method into your hiring/promoting strategy.

The Predictive Index utilizes a behavioral and cognitive assessment that provides insights about management styles that are not possible to know about otherwise. Rather than take a chance on a manager, hire smart by using our solutions at PI Consulting Group. Contact us today and let’s talk about how it works.