Why Conflict Resolution Tactics Work

Conflict Resolution: Grooming Managers to Communicate

Conflict in your organization doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Conflicts often include an exchange of ideas, albeitConfrontations are difficult, but for a manager to be successful in leading teams, they have to be conflict resolution experts. passionately exchanged, that can lead to a positive disruption. When conflict isn’t properly managed, it can lead to a situation where productivity takes a nosedive. Conflict resolution is a necessary skillset for your team to be effective.

If your management personnel doesn’t deal well with confrontation, you could be in for some hard times. Instead of diverting to other topics, your managers need to run toward the confrontation because without fast action, a small conflict can grow exponentially fast.

As you consider new people for management positions, ask them how comfortable they are with confrontation and having conversations that might be difficult. Ask them if they are willing to offer criticism that might be difficult to hear. Ask them how they prefer to confront employees – face-to-face, via email or phone? The more you know about their abilities to manage difficult situations, the better decision you’ll be able to make about their role as a manager.

Conflict Resolution Planning

While every conflict is unique in its own way and deserves a customized approach, there are some commonalities and you can use these guidelines in just about any scenario:

  • Be Tactful
    Rather than jumping into a difficult conversation, consider that everyone enjoys a good story, which is an opportunity for you to present an argument using a real-life scenario that mirrors the one you’re jumping in to with the employee. Give them time to respond and listen closely to what they have to say.
  • Encourage Feedback
    When consistent lines of communication are open between your managers and team members, you’re creating a culture of openness where conflicting ideas are presented and team members become more adept at conflict resolution.
  • Be Positive
    Don’t always think of conflict as negative. With the right mindset, you’ll bring a different air to the table and the process will go much smoother.
  • Avoid E-mail
    It’s easy to jump to an electronic form of communication given the prevalence of text messaging and e-mailing today, but for conflict resolution, the face-to-face method is the most effective.
  • Avoid Being Judgmental
    Try approaching conflict with the mindset that the person you are talking to is absolutely correct. This will prevent a situation from starting off on the wrong foot with accusatory statements. Choose your words wisely and put your subject at ease.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve assisted clients in many industries in finding the right people who can not only manage conflict resolution, but team members who will have the best chance of working together in a productive manner. Contact us today and let’s discuss how our solutions will work for you.