3 Steps to Developing a Dynamic Onboarding Process

Take Your Onboarding Process to the Next Level

Update your onboarding process and see employee retention rates improve. First impressions are important. You may have put considerable time and effort into your strategy for enticing high-quality individuals to apply for your open positions, but is that all there is to make a good first impression? A more important part may be the impression you make when they actually report for work. Your onboarding process has to be on point if you’re going to keep the best and brightest working for you.

1. Engage the Disengaged

Companies lose money every year due to unhappy employees who become disengaged, unproductive and leave their workplaces, forcing the company to go through the expensive process of filling the position and training the new hire.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this mess, and it involves focusing more on the onboarding process.

The concept is fairly straightforward – you invest in the employee’s onboarding process – they see that investment, learn from it and feel empowered – they reciprocate with hard work and loyalty. The result is that you get a more productive employee that stays around longer, which improves your retention numbers.

2. How to Invest

The onboarding process can take many shapes, but one that has proven to offer great value is to mentor your new employees with seasoned professionals. Rather than just setting them loose and making them “learn as they go,” position them with a mentor who can ease them into their role, giving them tips here and there on how to succeed.

It’s an educational process that will advance the career of the new person, and that is also something that today’s workforce wants – career advancement opportunities.

3. Hiring Help

You don’t want to take the time and effort to improve your onboarding program if you’re not going to hire the right people in the first place. Does your company culture fit the attributes of the people you’re bringing in?

It’s an important topic because today’s workforce is putting a lot of value in company culture. In fact, they’ll choose a lower salary with a company that is a better fit to their ideals. More importantly, if you bring in the wrong person and they realize your company culture isn’t for them, you’re going to see a loss of retention.

Getting around this problem takes a scientific approach called the Predictive Index method. At PI Consulting Group, we’ve provided organizations just like yours with the tools to hire smart so your onboarding process improvements will be of value. We look beyond the traditional hiring techniques and utilize cognitive and behavioral science to find the right people for you. Contact us today and let’s talk about our solutions.