How to Approach Employee Communication Tactics for a Strong Team

Good Employee Communication Results in Higher Retention

Communication isn’t always easy, especially when there are sensitive topics to go over. But it’s those sensitive topicsBeing candid, honest and forthright in your employee communication can improve productivity. that often require the best communication, which is why more companies are putting value in employee communication tactics that work in everyone’s favor.

You probably already know that the leading cause of employees fleeing is that they have a conflict with their immediate supervisor. In some cases, friction can be the result of improper communication.

Be Transparent

Employees, regardless of their tenure, deserve the truth. Whether it’s a new company strategy or an employee review employees deserve open, honest communication.

When transparency is the policy, employees feel less out of the loop and more entitled to add opinions that can lead to new ways of thinking and come up with answers to particularly pointed problems.

The end result is a group of people working harder for an organization they trust will be inclusive and transparent.

Share the Challenges

You can put on a good face, act as if everything is rosy when it’s not – but you’re not going to earn any trust or respect from your employees. If you’re experiencing some issues, they already have a clue – they may not know exactly what it is, but they’ll know when you’re keeping them in the dark that something is amiss. Be honest up front and let your employees in on the challenges you shouldn’t be hiding.

Another disrespectful attitude is blowing through the office every now and then with a big smile, greeting employees and breezing out without really having any type of honest conversation with anyone. This type of “positivity,” while well-meaning, is actually counterproductive and instead of breeding trust and respect, works in the opposite direction.

Know Individual Preferences

The way you communicate with Ted will probably differ in how you communicate with Bob or Jane. Take the time to get know your employees, how they want to be managed and communicated with. This is where many managers fall short – they’re not making the effort to learn how to truly lead.

Our scientific method of learning how a person responds to specific workplace stimuli can help you improve employee communication. At PI Consulting Group, we’ve established a process where we can help you communicate more effectively with all of your employees. Contact us today and let’s go over our scientifically-proven methods.