Need a Hand Recruiting Talent?

Steps to Improving Your Process for Recruiting Talent

Using cognitive and behavioral assessments for talent recruitment can help you make sure you are on track for success.How many times have you settled on a new hire, thinking they might have been the best choice because they interviewed well and their resume had all the right stuff on it, only to find later that they simply didn’t fit? It’s a frustrating situation that comes with recruiting talent. So, what can you do to entice the best people, then choose the right people to come work for you?

Accuracy Matters

Your job description, if written poorly, can bring a flood of the wrong applicants. Don’t rely on your old job description because it might have evolved. Think about the roles that individual must play. Talk about the skillsets the job requires. List out the personality types that would lead to success in this role.

You want to make your job easier by weeding out those who are not qualified for the job, so make sure to list all the qualifications that are essential to performing at the highest level.

Choose Your Channels

If you know who the ideal candidate for the job is, you also know where they go to look for job listings, so target those heavily. This is especially true in social media. However, don’t overlook some traditional channels, such as industry publications and even the local newspaper(s).

Screen, Screen, Screen

The trick in recruiting talent is to narrow down the resumes you really like and begin screening applicants. Start by screening resumes, weeding out those that will not fit the part or your company culture. Next, get on the phone and begin contacting those who made the first cut.

Be consistent in your screening questions so you can get a fair estimate regarding strengths and weaknesses. The second round of screenings can be done in person. Again, be consistent in how you interview.


Make assessments part of your recruitment talent process. After you’ve gone through your screening process and you’re dialing in the finalist, give them a cognitive and behavioral assessment. This is a scientific way of approaching the process and it will reveal things about them that their resume and interview cannot.

The assessments are quick and easy to take, the questions are designed in such a way that they reveal cognitive reasoning and behavioral traits that are quite telling. In fact, your method of recruiting talent will suffer without it.

At PI Consulting Group, we specialize in the Predictive Index method, which uses assessments as a tool for assisting our clients in recruiting talent that will fit their company culture and the roles they’ll be responsible for. Contact us and find out more about how to proceed.