Is it Time to Take a New Approach to Building Teams Within Your Organization?

Utilizing the Predictive Index in Building Teams for Success

Strategies for building teams may differ, but utilizing the Predictive Index method works for all industries.The strategies organizations use in building teams will differ to fit their specific needs, but they have some core similarities. For example, most leaders will agree the best teams are built with people who have different skillsets but all equally buy into the company culture.

If you’re building teams for senior management, you must take a strategic approach that involves a consistent and rigorous interview process. But before interviewing you have to make sure you’re defining your job roles correctly. Don’t use old definitions unless they are still applicable because the role evolves, sometimes over a very short time period.

Making the Fit

When you clearly define the role of the job, you’re more likely to attract candidates who actually fit the role. You’ll need to weigh their experience, personality, skills and behaviors against the role of the job. But also, you must weigh those attributes against your current team members to be sure they are a good fit.

Nailing the Interview

Your interview process should involve a select team that is all on the same page regarding how they’ll approach each interview candidate, the questions they ask and how they ask them. Will the interview be informal during a lunch or will it be a more formal process in a boardroom? Develop a scorecard and make sure you all agree on how each candidate is judged.

Get Scientific

To assist you in determining which individuals are truly a good fit, use the predictive index method. This method involves a process that reveals what an interview cannot. For example, some people are really good in the interview, but they’re not revealing certain aspects of their personality that could be a toxic trait that will be bad for your team building objectives.

Setting Expectations

Once you’ve brought the right people on board, you want to make sure your onboarding strategy is ready before they arrive for their first day of work. This includes setting expectations, because you don’t want to overwhelm them, nor do you want to bore them. Clearly outline what you will expect of them in specific time periods, then evaluate along the way so you can make corrections as needed.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re an integral part of building teams because we offer advanced Predictive Index solutions that have helped clients far and wide onboard the right people who work together toward the same vision. For more information about how it works, contact us today.