Are You Filling Your Leadership Pipeline With the Right People?

How to Strategically Plan Your Leadership Pipeline

Promoting talent should be a continually evolving process that keeps your organization ready for the next steps toGrooming future leaders in the right way can ensure your leadership pipeline is stocked with the best individuals to lead your organization into a new era. business growth. If your leadership pipeline isn’t a priority, it’s going to show in the form of failure to meet objectives and move your company forward.

Staying on top of your leadership pipeline includes identifying potential leaders, grooming them for leadership positions, ensuring they are an accurate representation of your brand, giving them the right amount of responsibility at the right time and utilizing the right tools to keep the process running smoothly.

Who’s Right for the Job?

Just because an employee comes in early and stays late every day doesn’t mean they’re management material. Some people might have the skills you’re looking for in a future leader, but they have no interest in the job. Your task is to identify who has the qualities to bring your organization into a new era but also have the desire to fill that role.

Look for the following traits:


  • They show empathy
  • They are optimistic
  • They show attention to detail
  • They are ambitious
  • They are good listeners
  • They have a desire to develop others
  • They have a high emotional intelligence


Optimism, empathy, emotional intelligence and these other traits are important because your leader will be working with others on a daily basis, and they have to have the tact and ability to read people and listen with intent.

Ease Them Into More Responsibilities

If you have meetings that you usually attend on your own, start bringing in your future leader so they can begin to see what it is you do and how you handle specific situations. Hand over responsibilities a little at a time so you can give them a sense of empowerment while also giving them real-life situations to handle.

Think of it as a form of mentorship. The more you can gradually ease them into the leadership pipeline, the more prepared they’re going to be when it comes time to give them that ultimate promotion.

Utilize the Predictive Index Method

Rather than waste time and energy, and possibly money, on the wrong person, use a scientifically proven method of identifying who will excel. The Predictive Index method uses behavioral and cognitive assessments to give you insights you wouldn’t otherwise be able to attain.

When you look for a leader, you’re looking for someone who embraces your company culture and will be a sparkling representative of your organization’s voice. The Predictive Index can help you identify these individuals, and they might already be working for you.

Contact PI Consulting Group today and let’s talk about how our process, which we’ve used with clients in many industries, will work for you.