How do You Manage Conflict Resolution Within Your Organization?

Utilizing Conflict Resolution Solutions to Build a Stronger Team

Fast action and mediation can be the best solution to conflict resolution.If there isn’t conflict among employees at your organization, you’re part of the minority.  Only 15% of workers say that they do not deal with conflict at their jobs. Conflict is a common part of work environments and conflict resolution needs to be a part of the discussion for every organization.

Being proactive about conflict can actually turn it into a net positive because over the course of a situation, different sides feel strongly about their position and air it out. It’s through these situations that new ways are discovered of doing things and new patterns of thinking that can move your team closer to goals are developed.

Establish a Baseline

Personalities can differ greatly from person to person, and what’s completely acceptable for one can be looked at in a negative way to another. Therefore, some expectations need to be set at the forefront.

It’s important for people to express themselves, but some might have a more abrasive way of doing it. Spelling out what’s acceptable and what isn’t might seem unnecessary on some level, but you need to establish what will be tolerated and what won’t in very clear terms.

Address Situations Immediately

A conflict left stewing will only get worse. If there is a flare-up involving tempers, you’ll need to let that calm down a bit before you enter into a negotiation phase, but address the situation immediately.

Mediation can be the right course of action, but make sure they’re ready for such proceedings because if the goal is to find resolution and they’re not ready, you could worsen the situation.

Address the core issues and listen to everyone’s opinions, thoughts, ideas, concerns, etc.

Opportunity Knocks

Part of the reason it is important to address conflict early is that you don’t want to miss the opportunity to gain something from the conflict. While conflict runs the risk of disruption, it also carries a fair amount of opportunities, because conflict often results in airing out ideas on a more detailed level.

When these ideas come to light, they can be disruptive in a positive way – lending to new approaches that hadn’t been hashed out previously.

Predictive Index

Bringing the right people to the team doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Sure, you’ll get lucky every now and then, but you’re more likely to see situations where you’re defusing situations rather than commending progress.

By utilizing the Predictive Index, you can find the right people for the team the first time. Let PI Consulting Group assist you with this process. Contact us today and we’ll thoroughly discuss the solutions we use to assist clients in many industries find the people who fit the company culture and will work with others in a productive manner.