Do You Need a New Approach to Strategic Workforce Planning?

Strategic Workforce Planning Steps for Success

No organization runs smoothly without implementing strategic workforce planning. This process involvesUse education as a tool for strategic workforce planning and help employees thrive. meeting the needs of today while assuring the workforce for tomorrow is also mapped out.

A typical strategic workforce planning strategy addresses things like how employees can handle short term and long term goals, bringing analytical resources in to monitor performance, keeping on eye on positions that might have evolved or new positions that need to be created, as well as many other aspects involved with being prepared. While all organizations are different, it’s common to develop a three to five-year plan.

Using Education as a Tool

Bringing in the right tools is important in anything, including strategic workforce planning. Education is a tool that can be transformative in terms of a person’s professional development. You can utilize technology to enhance training opportunities, such as web-based training programs and in-house systems that give employees more autonomy so they can take ownership of their development process.

Focusing on making it easier for employees to enhance their abilities can help your organization develop knowledgeable people to solve today’s problems while prepping them to fill key positions in the future.

Rethinking the Review Process

If you’re embarking on a yearly review process to give your employees an update on how the organization rates their performance, it may be time to make some changes. Employees today, particularly the younger generations, thrive on more consistent feedback. That’s not to be confused with micromanaging, rather, use an informal method by which performance issues can be addressed immediately and growth opportunities can be offered. Formal reviews are also effective, but you need to use discretion to determine which works best for your employees.

Using Predictive Index

Developing employees takes time, but it’s an important part of success for your company. However, there are times when you think you’ve got the perfect candidate, but it just doesn’t work out, regardless of what you do in your development strategy. There is a way around this trial and error process, and it’s called the Predictive Index method.

The Predictive Index involves a process where you find the right people and develop leaders at all levels. This is done through a cognitive and behavioral assessment that identifies how a person will function under specific situations. For instance, if you have a clearly defined company culture and a candidate for a position goes through the Predictive Index process, you will have a better idea if they mesh with your culture.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re serving clients in many industries with planning their workforce development by giving them the tools they need to fill open positions with the right people while helping them identify who has leadership skills that need to be developed so the company can thrive in the future. Contact us and let’s talk about our methods.