3 Steps to Take When Your Organization Needs to Focus on Retaining Employees

Communication is Important for Retaining Employees

Happy employees embrace company culture, which leads to retaining employees at a greater rate.We’re all on the lookout for high potential employees, but guess what? They are the ones who are most likely to leave you. If retaining employees, especially the best ones, is part of your long-term business strategies, what can you do to ensure you hit your goals?

Top employees today want a lot more than just money to stay in their positions for longer periods of time. Here are three key areas to focus on if you want to improve employee retention:

Find Out What Makes Them Happy

The exit interview is standard for many organizations. The exiting employee has no reason not to share why they’re leaving, which means they reveal what made them want to move on. This gives you excellent information about the things you can do to improve the work environment.

Exit interviews are important, but what are you doing to find out what makes your employees happy while they’re still there? Maybe you feel like you’re giving them an opportunity to tell you when you do your quarterly reviews, but that’s not what that time is really for.

Make a point to talk to your employees in a formal format outside of the review where they can discuss what motivates them to stay where they are or what they’d like to see change that would make them happier. Happy employees create a more productive environment and they are less likely to jump ship.

Offer Freedom and Advancement Opportunities

Everyone has a job description. Give your employees the opportunity to explore the space around that description. Retaining employees requires giving them the freedom to grow and advance their careers.

You need to be actively involved in those aspirations for advancement by accommodating learning opportunities, whether it’s an out-of-office training seminar, webinar or in-office education session that helps them widen their area of expertise.

Predictive Index Method

Utilizing the Predictive Index method ensures that when you hire someone, they’re a good fit with your company culture. These are employees who are happy and ready to perform at optimal levels. Furthermore, they’re likely to stay with your company longer, which helps you reach your target goal for employee retention.

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