Is it Time to Take a Deeper Look at Your Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Your Guide to Smarter Talent Acquisition

The low unemployment rate currently in our country is good news for Americans.  Employers, on the other hand, areKeeping it personal and recruiting smart leads to better talent acquisition outcomes. having a tougher time filling vacancies because of it. Talent acquisition strategies must be refined to make sure you find the best talent for your team.

Building relationships is part of the process, which is why it is key for you to target the right audience. Consider the various demographics and how they match up to the job description, but also, your company culture.

Build Trust and be Personable

When you do find a good candidate, be personable with them, because you don’t know for sure who else is courting them. Let them know that you’ve done your homework and that you really feel they are the right person for the job. And don’t let long periods of time go by between the initial contact and an actual offer, because doing so will instill a sense of detachment, at which point they may be motivated to look elsewhere.

The more you can personalize your recruitment strategy, the more apt you are to align with their wants and needs. Furthermore, it’s at this point that the applicant begins to really grasp what your company culture is all about and will feel a sense of loyalty.

Best Recruitment Practices

If you’ve stayed with the same basic template where recruiting goes, it can be important to shake it up every now and then and appeal to a wider audience. We’re in a multi-generational workforce with four distinct blocks of people who deserve our attention – they all bring something unique to the table. Make sure your recruitment template isn’t just catering to the latest generation to hit the job market.

Your message to Baby Boomers is one that tells them they have much to offer the workplace, and you should give them opportunities to share what they’ve learned over decades of experience. Millennials are eager to volunteer, which means your company culture needs to include this aspect in it. It’s a recruitment tool that not only pulls them into the mix, it also keeps them there.

At PI Consulting Group, our focus is to make sure you’re identifying the best possible talent and we do that by utilizing the Predictive Index method. We’ve helped organizations flesh out their talent acquisition strategies by bringing in crucial processes unique to the Predictive Index method. Let us help guide your process – contact us today and start building a more robust workforce.