6 Tips to Improving Your Company Culture

Adjusting Your Company Culture to Combat Fear of Change

It’s human nature to reject change, but we know that in business, if we’re not flexible and ready to evolve on aA company culture that doesn’t embrace transparency is one that experiences poor employee retention rates. moment’s notice, rejecting change could be a fatal blow. That’s why establishing a company culture that is ready for change is so important in reaching business goals.

Let’s take a look at some tips to assist you in developing a company culture that will thrive on change.

Communicate Clearly

Change occurs much more fluidly if expectations are communicated. Don’t hold all the information for managers and executives – let the entire team in on what’s coming down the pike so they can be part of the solution rather than holding everything up as they struggle to play catch up.

1. Prioritize

Workloads will change often, but to avoid burnout or employees taking shortcuts in an effort to keep up with the volume, you need to reasonably prioritize workloads and ensure everyone has the tools they need to handle the load.

2. Offer Support and Guidance

Team members need access to education, not only on how to approach their daily tasks, but also on the new technology that can assist them in doing their jobs. Make sure you’re encouraging them to further their education and offer ongoing education on all aspects, including technology, of their jobs. This is the guidance and support they will appreciate, which helps build loyalty and assists in maintaining employee retention goals.

3. Empower the Employee

When staff members feel they have no say in a situation, it can cause some issues that lead to stress and poor performance. To combat that problem, empower them by allowing them some autonomy to make decisions. This gives them a bigger sense of purpose and helps them adjust to change on their terms.

4. Avoid Rumor Mills

There will be times, such as in merger/acquisition situations, where some topics must be kept to the executive board, since being exposed can ruin a deal. Employees will notice something is going on, so to avoid rumors floating around, which can be damaging, be as transparent as possible without revealing too much. This way, the mystery is removed and the rumor mill can be avoided.

5. Utilize the Predictive Index

When you’ve developed a solid company culture that embraces change, you need to find the team members who will be attracted to your company culture and be an asset to your team. At PI Consulting Group, we’ve assisted organizations in many industries in using the Predictive Index method to find the people who will fit in with your unique company culture. Contact us and let’s talk about how our methods will work for you.