Gain the Competitive Edge With Talent Analytics

In a Slump? Use Talent Analytics to Dig Yourself Out

Gain an edge on the competition with talent analytics and the Predictive Index method of finding the best possible people.If you were to take an objective assessment of your company and ask yourself – “Are we performing at our best possible level?” What’s your answer going to be? Maybe you find some areas where you’re lacking when you pose the question to yourself, and if your workforce is your number one asset, are there times when you struggle in that area? Talent analytics can help pull you out of the slump.

Using talent analytics, you can get a better sense of where you’re experiencing a talent gap. This is important because when you have talent gaps, you aren’t going to be able to adjust to meet goals, which can change as the company evolves. Talent analytics allow you to optimize your current situation and advance your company objectives.

Best Practices in Talent Analytics

When you approach talent analytics, you have to think over some of the more important aspects of the process. For example, take stock of who you have in your current workforce; what are their strengths and weaknesses? What needs to be improved immediately and what needs to be your long-term plan for the workforce. You’ll need to create a strategy around these needs and utilize hiring tools to ensure you’re getting the right people.

You also need to continue using talent analytics to make sure everyone is aligning with your company culture and that they’re meeting objectives. Are they getting along well with their teammates? Are they able to defuse tension and make conflict a tool that works in favor of the company?

Predictive Index

Vastly improve your talent analytics strategy with the Predictive Index. You can use the process to make informed decisions based solely on exacting measures that provide invaluable insights into who in your current workforce should emerge as a future leader. It also is used to identify behaviors in prospective new-hires that will make them a perfect fit for current or future teams in your organization.

If you have your job definitions perfectly crafted and know exactly what requirements you demand from an applicant, you can still miss out by hiring the wrong person, all because a resume and interview don’t suffice in snagging the best talent. Often, it’s a gut feeling that may or may not be correct.

Don’t take chances with your company’s future – use the Predictive Index method and see your success rates skyrocket.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re ready to assist you with perfecting your talent analytics. Our method replaces the need to go on a gut feeling and make fact-based decisions instead. Contact us and let’s discuss our methods.