The Predictive Index Will Help You Hire Smarter

Make Fact-Based Hiring Decisions With the Predictive Index

New talent is the future of your company, so why would you go after low-hanging fruit? Low-hanging fruit oftenFinding the right employee who fits in with your company culture takes the Predictive Index method. comes by way of a snazzy resume and a slick interview. Utilizing our Predictive Index can help you find the cream of the crop with people to help you meet your business goals and make sure they are the right fit for your organization.

Thanks to behavioral and cognitive tools being used in the Predictive Index process, organizations are gaining insights that a resume and interview can’t compete with. Rather than rely on a gut feeling, you’re making fact-based decisions about who joins your team.

The Predictive Index relies on a suite of tools that are scientifically proven to work. Here’ is what those who have utilized the Predictive Index process gain:

  • Data-based tools that can help you make daily decisions in seconds
  • Onboarding efficiencies
  • Managing processes based on an individual’s needs
  • Find the perfect person for a specific role
  • Improved success ratio in finding productive personnel
  • Excellent return on investment

Bob Clark, president and founder of PI Consulting Group, said the tools they use are “sophisticated assessments that are easy to administer and understand.” Apart from bringing on new people with this method, you can also look deeper into your current workforce to find leaders who have yet to reveal themselves. Maybe you’ve got suspicions that a specific employee has what it takes to lead your organization – you can see if those suspicions are correct by using Predictive Index assessments.

“No one assessment should determine if a candidate is hired or an incumbent is promoted,” Clark said. “However, the assessment results complete the puzzle of getting to know a person’s total potential.”

For those organizations that have implemented the Predictive Index, they get that sense of confidence that they know they’ll be able to align a person’s skills, behaviors and interests with that of their company. If they’ve got a multi-generational situation in the workplace, it becomes less of a challenge and more of a benefit, because the skill sets that each generation is known for becomes an asset when paired up with the right people on the right teams.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve assisted organizations in a variety of industries and we can assist you. Contact us and let’s discuss your hiring challenges and how our tools will make those challenges seem insignificant.