Using Better Management Skills to Produce Happy Employees

If You Want Happy Employees It’s Time to Take a Look at Your Management Team

Using the Predictive Index method can improve your chance of having happy employees.When an employee leaves a company, it can be because they’re looking for a life change, a career change, for higher pay or for a company culture that is more befitting their personality. Yet the number one reason an employee leaves is that they’re not happy with their direct manager. With an intentional strategy, you can help your managers create happy employees.

Work/Life Balance

The work to life balance is extremely important to employees today. A responsible manager will allow employees some options to make sure they’re getting that balance right. One way to do it is to let them work remotely at times, perhaps once a week or another agreed upon regular schedule.

Fair Compensation

Happy employees aren’t always the ones that are best paid, but making sure they’re being fairly compensated is important across the board. Talk to your employees about how they feel about their salary and benefits because if they’re secretly thinking they aren’t being paid fairly, that resentment will begin to show in the form of low productivity and they’ll eventually start looking elsewhere for better pay.

Listen and Learn

Good managers are great listeners. They are completely present while the employees are talking and they make the time to put energy into listening intently. They are open-minded during a discussion and take all opinions seriously.

When managers listen, they learn how to motivate employees, right the wrongs and turn a disgruntled person into a happy employee.

Feedback is Important

Employees don’t always like criticism or negative feedback, but sometimes it’s the only way they can grow, and we know that career growth is a factor in determining how happy an employee will be in their job.

Don’t make the mistake of offering feedback only during the formal employee reviews; make it a regular thing with an informal tone to it. And don’t forget – most employees thrive on being told they’re doing a good job. If you see that they’ve hit a goal, let them know that you appreciate their efforts. It doesn’t have to be a big production, just stop by their desk and give them credit when credit is due.

Use the Predictive Index

In cases where employees don’t match the company culture, there is little you can do to make them happy employees. That’s why you have to hire smart. By using the Predictive Index method, you get to see what motivates a person, whether they’ll be a good match for your company culture and if they’ll fit in with your current teams.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the Predictive Index experts that can help you bring people on board that will have a better chance at being happy employees. Contact us and we’ll explain our process and how it will work for your organization.