Using Talent Optimization to Guide Your Business Strategy

To align your workforce with your specific goals, they need to completely embrace your business strategy and yourRecognizing talent organization strategies and utilizing them correctly is critical in meeting goals. company culture. That’s why the talent optimization framework continues to gain momentum with organizations that know they need to  evolve.

There are four widely followed elements of talent optimization: diagnose, design, hire and inspire. Let’s take a look at each of these key elements.


To get on the right path to meeting your goals, you have to know which paths are going to be a problem. You can access this information by analyzing your people data to see where your business problems lie.

While this is a great first step, you’ll need to continue to do this as your company evolves. With each diagnosis, you will see the problems more clearly and be able to make fact-based decisions on how to conquer the underlying issue.


With every successful business there is a people strategy designed to gain ground on the competition and execute business objectives along the way. The strategy looks at every aspect of the organization to come to a workable design, which includes team dynamics, leadership and culture.

It’s during the design phase that you will develop the structure of your organization and evaluate your leadership and how they lead teams. You should also take a close look at your senior team dynamics while keeping an eye on how it affects your company culture.


Hiring top talent is crucial in building high-performing teams. To do this, you’ll need to make sure all your job descriptions are up to date and completely accurate. You’ll need to hire for today while paying attention for what kind of people you’ll need on your team to get you into the future.

One method of doing this with more success is using the predictive index method, which is a scientifically proven way to bring people on board who subscribe to your company culture. Furthermore, you an avoid headaches down the road, including conflict in the workplace, by using the Predictive Index method, because it reveals dynamics to their personality and how they will react to specific workplace stimuli.


Workers respond to autonomy and empowerment. Leadership is often reluctant to embrace this due to an inflated sense of risk, but an empowered employee is a happy employee, which means they’re productive and loyal.

By giving your employees data insights, they can manage themselves more successfully. Offer them career pathing opportunities while measuring team performance along the way and you’ll be able to create high-performing teams while knowing where new jobs and career paths need to be created.

To get more information about how to implement the Predictive Index method, contact us at PI Consulting Group. We can assist you in reaching your talent optimization goals.