How Does a Culture Shift Affect Your Organization?

Dealing Effectively With a Culture Shift

Society is in a near constant state of change. Even those steeped in their own unique cultural norms are impacted byA cultural shift doesn’t have to work against you. Embrace change and new technology. globalization. The cultural shift is also very apparent in the workplace, and not always in the most positive way. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Look at all the different ways in which the workplace is being impacted by cultural shift today: automation, multi-generational workplaces, digitization, cultural diversity, massive amounts of data and all the different ways in which it is accessed and stored – and many other factors impact company culture.

Communication Challenges

An integral part of having a productive workplace is excelling at communication, but can great communication survive the cultural shift?

It’s already a challenge enough to find good communicators to lead our teams, but with so much diversity in the workplace, the challenge would appear to become even more daunting.

One also has to take into account some environmental factors, such as the open floor plan, which was supposed to encourage open conversation but can actually be a detractor. It leads to workers shutting out the noise with headphones. And we’re using digital means of communication more now than ever, which means the person across the room is going to get a text rather than a face-to-face interaction.

If this is the preference, managers need to lead teams in becoming stronger using digital means of communication.

Embracing a New Layout

The cube farm, by most accounts, has been a study in failure for the last few decades, and the cultural shift is impacting that, as well. While they are a convenient use of space, cubical office spaces only add to the productivity drain. A study by GlobalWorklaceAnalytics found that almost 90% of workers prefer to work remotely, at least part of the time.

While more employers are offering work-from-home options, they can also improve the workplace by creating private areas where employees can dive into their work without distraction.

Hire the Right People

When you have the right people filling your positions, you’re going to meet goals and have stronger teams. Regardless of how old your workers are, their religious beliefs or communication preferences, when they buy into your company culture, the cultural shift can be maneuvered better.

The best-fitting people are those who improve your employee engagement and retention goals, round out highly developed teams and live and breathe your company culture. One way to identify these people is through the Predictive Index method. It’s a scientifically proven process that PI Consulting Group offers clients who want to hire the right people for their organization. Contact us and let us explain our solutions.