Your Listening Skills Are Key When it Comes to Conflict Resolution

Management Steps For Positive Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution requires good listening skills and fairness to all sides.Even for those who avoid conflict like the plague, butting heads with workmates happens sooner or later. Conflict resolution is therefore critical for your team members, but not all workplaces have strong strategies of dealing with tension.

If you have highly motivated people in your workplace, you’re going to see ideas clash. Sometimes egos get in the way and make a mess of what could have been a productive discussion. With the right management skills, conflict can actually work in your favor.

Be a Good Listener

There are going to be two or more sides to a conflict. It’s important that the person in charge of mediating it lends an objective ear to all.

People just want to be heard. They want their direct managers to listen without judgment to their ideas. Doing anything less will sow resentment. With patience and an open mind, a flare-up can be negated rather quickly.

Jump on it Quickly

A conflict that isn’t addressed immediately will only fester and get worse. Help to calm the emotions and start dealing with the situation cognitively. In some cases, you’ll see the emotions will start to build up and you can derail a situation by reacting quickly.

There Isn’t a Loser

At some point, a decision has to be made about the direction you need to take, which means someone’s going to feel like they lost. The truth is that they actually helped the company come up with the best possible solution for a problem. This is why conflict can be good – multiple ideas are aired out and a fact-based decision is made through a series of discussions that might, at times, get heated.

Develop Better Teams

Some teams are just going to be at constant odds, due in part to a lack of forethought in which employees should be together on a team. The best teams include people with different skillsets. If they’ve got fundamental differences that are a source of tension, this needs to be discovered long before they’re ever assigned to the same team. But how can you know for sure until they’re in a real-world scenario?

The answer to that question lies in the use of the Predictive Index method. This methodology works through optimizing the performance and potential of individuals, teams and the organization as a whole. At PI Consulting Group, we’ve seen it work so well that our client renewal rate is at 90% or above. Contact us and find out more about how we achieve excellent results.