Taking a Holistic View With Talent Optimization

Utilizing the Predictive Index method in talent optimization provides great visibility.We’re in an age of fast evolving technology. Even closely monitoring the changes and trying to keep up with them isn’t enough to stay ahead.  It is critical for you to place an equal amount of importance on your workforce, which is why talent optimization processes are so important.

Human resource professionals today are working with a holistic view of talent optimization, which involves more than just fishing for the right new employees to fill vacant positions – it’s about monitoring employee performance, behaviors and constantly monitoring the workforce to develop “people data,” which is used to make fact-based decisions.

Finding Talent

While talent optimization today involves taking a more holistic approach, there will always be a need to attract the right people to the organization from the outside, which is why recruiting efforts remain important. Lending a hand in these efforts includes such things as artificial intelligence solutions, embedded intelligence and other up-and-coming technologies.

Candidates for jobs are using these tools to help identify a job and a company culture that works for them. HR officials are also using these tools to find the candidates that are a good fit, not just on paper, but also through how they will respond to workplace stimuli, which impacts their relationships with teammates and management.

Retaining Talent

Once you’ve found the right match, you do everything you can to hold onto them. Your talent optimization strategies need to take motivation and engagement into account. Happiness is also an important metric to follow in your people data because a happy employee is one that is engaged and motivated, ready to take on a task and deliver ahead of schedule.

These happy employees are the ones who stick around. Conversely, unhappy employees disengage, do the bare minimum and often look for employment elsewhere. By utilizing tools, such as the Predictive Index, you can avoid situations that will cause an employee to become unhappy, disengage and eventually leave.

Accepting/Embracing Change

Flexibility is a huge word today. As we said earlier, being flexible enough to implement new technology is important, but as business objectives evolve, so too must your outlook on talent optimization. Looking into the future and establishing what your needs will be can help you ease the growing pains. That means you must be grooming the right leaders early enough so they are ready to tackle the challenges on the road ahead.

Using the Predictive Index is a great tool in talent optimization because it can help identify future leaders. These traits are often hidden and only revealed by cognitive and behavioral assessments.

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