Your Onboarding Process Can Impact How Long Employees Stay With Your Company

Get the tools you need for a more efficient onboarding process.The first six months of employment are the most important for an individual deciding on whether or not they’ll stay long term with a company. The onboarding process is key during this time as it sets the stage for an exceptional first impression that has a long-lasting impact.

Simplifying the Process

Stepping into a new job can be overwhelming. In fact, it ranks high on the stressful things that people go through in life. It is made harder with an onboarding process that is complicated and chaotic.

Duplicating paperwork might seem like a small thing, but you can make your onboarding easier by allowing new employees to transfer previously entered data into the onboarding system.

Also, using innovative software automation solutions can help ease a person into the role. Using this software, you can automate activities like notifications, equipment acquisition, form selection and many other tasks that are tedious without automation.

Make the Process Logical

Take the time to consider how information flows throughout your organization. By integrating systems so that all employee data will flow seamlessly from one system to the other, you can significantly reduce information roadblocks.

Taking the digital step is also a logical approach to improving the onboarding process. For example, instead of bogging down your new hire with paperwork, move the process online and use a digital signature. Through company-wide digitization, your documents are easily duplicated and you won’t be making multiple trips to a copy machine or scanner.

An extra logical step is to build your onboarding program in such a way that you can monitor and manage the entire process.

Predictive Index

Make recruiting part of your onboarding process by utilizing the Predictive Index method of evaluating applicants.

Because the Predictive Index method is a scientifically proven solution, make this one of the first parts of your overall approach to onboarding. You’ll see an influx of people who match your company culture. Furthermore, you’ll have the insight you need to place people on the right teams.

Another perk to using the Predictive Index is that you can find out how people prefer to be managed. This gives your managers the tools they need to approach each employee with the perfect tact.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve helped many clients adjust their onboarding programs to run more efficiently, and it’s through our tried and true solutions that we make this happen on a consistent basis, regardless of the industry our client is in.

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