Talent Optimization Isn’t Just for HR Anymore

As you strive to hit your business goals, you’re really seeking to reach your full potential as an organization.Utilizing the Predictive Index method is an integral part of improving talent optimization. Reworking your talent optimization strategy can help you reach those goals. This starts by understanding that talent optimization strategies are no longer strictly the responsibility of human resources (HR).

The gap that is present in most optimization strategies is often the result of HR not having full visibility into what an organization actually needs. This is why new tools need to be brought in and more people throughout the organization need to be involved.

Think about how sports fanatics, be it soccer, football or especially baseball, keep statistics on each every part of a player’s game. You can do something similar with your employees. This is what is called “people data.” By carefully measuring these statistics, we can build better teams based on what each individual brings to the table.

Knowing When to Improve

The signs become fairly obvious when you’re pulling in the talent that isn’t a good fit for a position or putting the wrong people together on teams. Employees become disenchanted with their work and it shows in their productivity levels. This has the potential to lead to a mass migration of your workers to “greener pastures.” To stop the leak of talent, you have to make some changes.

One of the best places to begin is to take a close look at your company culture. Is it clearly defined? Are managers leading by example? In some cases, a redesign of company culture needs to occur, and this happens when you go back to the drawing board and clearly spell out what it is your company stands for.

Next, you have to make sure the people you bring in to work for you are not only accepting of your company culture – they need to fully embrace it and name it as a reason for why they stay on board with you and maintain a focus on productivity.

Utilizing the Predictive Index

By bringing in workplace behavior experts, you can utilize the Predictive Index method of identifying your next group of top performers.

People are complex, which means it’s difficult to pin down what they’re all about in an interview. What will they act like when they’re on the job? How will they respond to workplace stimuli, i.e. other people? This is something the Predictive Index can unlock.

The Predictive Index has become an invaluable tool for organizations trying to beef up their talent optimization process. At PI Consulting Group, we’re the PI experts ready to assist your company in attracting the right talent and keeping them on your highly productive teams. Contact us and let’s get the process rolling.