Getting it Right With Talent Optimization

Organizations using the Predictive Index Method see talent optimization success.There is a reason to rejoice when your sales team is firing on all cylinders because it can be challenging to reach the point where everyone is working at peak productivity. You might have good salespeople on board, but to reach your business goals they need to be working together in a consistent manner, and this is difficult without a strong talent optimization strategy.

What does a high-functioning talent optimization strategy look like? It starts with a focus on people data that you meticulously analyze and use to develop solutions for fixing issues or capitalize on strengths. Your strategy for motivating and inspiring your sales team continuously evolves. You must continuously monitor your people data to help you make fact-based decisions about who you should bring in to the team. Your data will also help you plan what activities you will host for your employees.

The People Factor

You’re likely already constantly monitoring your business processes to stay on track. You’re looking at revenue and measuring sales activity and comparing that to your goals. You get a fairly quick picture of what’s working and what needs some augmenting. If your metrics are all in order and you’re not going in the right direction to meet your goals, the problem probably lies in the people factor.

If you’ve given your employees education opportunities (seminars, webinars, etc.) and they’re still underperforming, there could be other factors involved, such as tension in the workplace, poor communications/relations with the sales team on the part of management or just an unbalanced set of skillsets among the team.

Why the Predictive Index Works

Much of the tension that fills the workplace can be avoided by knowing what triggers a person before they’re placed on a team. The Predictive Index can show you these triggers and can also reveal a person’s ability to adapt to company culture. Your new hire can look outstanding on paper, and interview extremely well but those things don’t matter at all if they aren’t a good fit to your company culture.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve positioned ourselves at the Predictive Index experts, capable of assisting you in your talent optimization. Contact us and let’s discuss our methods and how they’ll work for your organization.