Overcome the Talent Shortage With Talent Optimization

When you think about the top challenges your organization faces today, you might think digitization, financialPeople are your biggest asset, but only if you hire smart and use talent optimization tools. management, compliance issues and data management. But given the low unemployment rate, you’re probably also thinking a lot these days about recruiting the right talent, which has pushed talent optimization to the forefront of issues affecting businesses across industries

Finding the right people to fill roles in your company is of utmost importance because they represent the future of the company.

They are the ones who fulfill the needs of the day while pointing you in the right direction for meeting the needs of tomorrow.

They can also be a pain point if you don’t approach talent optimization right.

The Annual CEO Benchmarking Report 2019” found that 80 % of CEOs say their top five challenges are “people problems.” Talent optimization makes sense, the report says, not just on an emotional level, but also on a financial level. One CEO said that if the problem of finding talent isn’t addressed, within the next 10 years, there could be a talent shortage that can lead to $8.5 trillion in lost revenues.

Biggest Challenges

The report outlines some big issues that CEOs are trying to address now. They include finding quality talent, getting employs aligned with the right strategies to meet goals, figuring out how to motivate employees so they’re productive and creating a work environment that will help keep everyone happy and productive.

Almost 70% of CEOs said they need assistance with developing talent strategy and executing it. This includes pre-hire selection, leadership development and employee performance. Furthermore, they’re having issues with developing ways to hold their employees accountable and weeding out the people who aren’t performing.

Predictive Index to the Rescue

One of the most important tools for talent optimization is the Predictive Index. It aligns business strategy with strategies directly related to battling your “people problems.” When you partner with a Predictive Index expert, you gain access to insightful processes that meet your people problems head-on.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve helped companies just like yours gain a foothold on their talent optimization challenges through using a behavioral assessment that unlocks many hidden facets of a person’s ability to function in your workplace. Contact us and let’s go over our methods.