How the Predictive Index Upgrades Talent Optimization

Agility is a word often associated with organizations that can thrive regardless of the environment they’re operatingTalent optimization requires a focus on communication, organization and hiring the right people. within. There are many aspects to being an agile organization, among the most important of which is addressing talent optimization in a thoughtful, deliberate manner.

Creating the Behavior Profile

Talent optimization relies on specific data, often referred to as people data. This is the information on various people throughout the organization who might find themselves on one team or another, often based directly on what their people data says about them.

To ensure that the right people are working together, people data is used to create a behavioral profile that maps out the strengths, weaknesses and what their reaction to various workplace stimuli might be.

In an effort to unlock cognitive and behavioral data, employers will use the Predictive Index method, which is a scientifically proven way to reveal in a quick and easy assessment what might not be ascertainable until they’re months into the job.

Communication and Action

Action and communication shouldn’t happen without the other, but when communication breaks down or was never properly aligned to begin with, action is taken before all the details are thoroughly ironed out. In a situation where the team dynamic is at odds, communication rarely flourishes, leading to poor execution.

Talent optimization techniques rely on improving communication from the top down. In fact, management might be the source of poor communication, which leads to more than just poor execution – it leads to poor morale in the workplace and a drop in employee retention. Again, to ensure that management has the right temperament for leadership, the Predictive Index method is key.

The Multi-Generational Workforce

While the Baby Boomers are retiring at a staggering rate, they retain vital roles in many organizations. In some situations, they’re working alongside 20-somethings, who represent the latest generation taking the workforce by storm. This can present some challenges in building teams and creating a vibrant workforce.

The multi-generational workforce can also present opportunities to round out teams with unique and varied skillsets. The Predictive Index can be valuable in determining the inclusion of the right people working on the right teams, regardless of which generation they come from.

At PI Consulting Group, our methods address the various problems our clients have in optimizing their workforce. Our methodology demystifies the complexities in the process, which gives you more time to focus on your day-to-day tasks while we work on finding your future leaders and team members who will be an asset to your workforce. Contact us and let’s talk about the science behind what we do and how it will optimize your workforce.