The Advantages of Effective Employee Engagement Practices

If you have happy employees and employees who are satisfied with their jobs, chances are you’re nailing yourSuccessful onboarding programs are proven to improve employee engagement. employee engagement strategy. It’s these types of employees that possess an emotional commitment to the goals of your organization, and it shows.

Employee engagement is important because companies that get it right see more productivity, more sales, more loyalty in their customers and employees, less absenteeism, less turnover and improved quality.

Feeling More Engaged

Making employees feel engaged takes an intentional plan. You can start with your employee onboarding program. Onboarding is essentially your time to make a great first impression.

The best onboarding strategies have shown to be impactful to employees in many different ways. For example, BambooHR surveyed more than one thousand adults, of whom some received effective onboarding and others who didn’t. Those who received good onboarding were 30 times more likely to have job satisfaction. Almost 70% of these employees also rated their organization as a “strong performer.”

Onboarding to Engage

A good first step in your strategy for effective onboarding is to offer quality job training rather than just having them learn the job themselves. Include offering clear expectations about what their responsibilities are to be on the job and make efforts to get them acquainted with their workmates.

Successful onboarding means you’ve effectively helped your new employees thrive in their work environment. You’ve done everything you can to give them a good start, and they reciprocate by being passionate in their work, loyal to the organization and willing to go the extra mile.

Get a Head Start

You want to make that first day count, but you also want to make sure you’re onboarding the right people to begin with. Too many organizations have brought in people based on their resume and interview only to find out later that they’re not a good fit for the company culture.

By using the Predictive Index method, you can ensure that your onboarding efforts aren’t made in vain. The Predictive Index involves a behavioral assessment that can determine how a person will react to workplace stimuli. Rather than spend the time, money and effort on someone who will ultimately never buy into your company culture, you can use the Predictive Index to determine the right people to lead you into the future. Furthermore, Predictive Index can help you identify people who have the characteristics to be a future leader in your company.

At PI Consulting Group, our methods are scientifically proven to work, so contact us today and let’s discuss our process and how it will improve your employee engagement numbers.