Do You Have Happy Employees on Your Team?

Happy employees are usually easy to spot. They’re often top performers that are loyal to the organization and willingFight conflict with smarter hiring practices and see happy employees be a loyal part of your team. to go the extra mile to reach and then exceed goals. But happy employees don’t just “happen.” It takes finding people with the right temperament and giving them the tools they need to thrive.

According to a study titled “The Impact of Participative Management Perceptions on Customer Service, Medical Errors, Burnout and Turnover Intentions,” happy employees are less likely to burn out and quit, will offer excellent customer service and be a vital part of a thriving company culture. This is what leads to significant increases in productivity.

What Makes Them Happy?

At first glance, it would seem that most employees are seeking out the highest possible salary with great perks to make them happy. While these are important components of a workplace that’s competitive with other organizations, it’s only part of the overall package that leads to happiness.

People are happiest when they’re working in a space that fits their ideal company culture, working flexible hours and taking part in meaningful work. If you think about it, pay raises often require a person to take on more responsibility. That’s not always the right road to happiness, and it explains why the other things matter so much more. In fact, some people are happier in work that they may have a lower salary for but have additional benefits that they value more.

The Proximity Factor

Team building exercises are designed to help workmates form a bond, develop trust and become a more productive and cohesive unit. Employers are looking for ways in which teams can be more collaborative, which is an idea that has begun to dismantle the “cube farms” that gave workers some separation and a degree of privacy. Now, open workspaces are becoming the norm.

There is some room for give and take here because many team-building exercises aren’t embraced by the majority of workers, only around 30 percent of who find that they make them happy employees. And while the cube farms are going away, we’re in a wireless age where we don’t need to be tied to a desk, open concept or cube concept, which means workers are looking for some flexibility from their employer so that they can work from anywhere, be it a coffee shop, home or any comfortable space where they can be productive.

Hire Smarter

Every organization is going to have its own unique company culture. Not everyone is going to fit that culture, which is why you can’t rely only on an interview to find the right people to fit in with your team. They might have the experience you’re looking for, but if they don’t actually fit your culture, they’re not going to be happy.

By utilizing the Predictive Index method of hiring new employees, you can make fact-based decisions on the people you bring to the team. Furthermore, the Predictive Index, which utilizes cognitive and behavioral assessments, can help you find people with leadership abilities. Contact PI Consulting Group and let us partner with you to onboard the people who will become happy employees.