A Solid Hiring Process Starts With a Strong Job Posting

Attracting the right talent takes planning, preparation and a solid ad campaign. Instead of losing top candidates byYour job posting has a strong impact on the hiring process. using a standard ad that doesn’t reveal much about your company, focus instead on projecting your brand’s personality. Your job posting is foundational for attracting the best talent to your organization and a key piece of your hiring process.

Reasons You’re Failing to Land Prospects

If you’re not “selling” the position, you’re not going to keep anyone’s interest. Job postings that offer a one- or two-sentence description of the job before moving on to technical facts, offer no incentive for a possible candidate to investigate further. You need to sell the position as well as your company culture.

Job ads, in the traditional sense, often fail to offer a glimpse at the organization’s values. Today’s workforce is highly motivated by company culture, often even more so than by salary. When you include the right information with your description, you’re going to entice the candidates who immediately feel a fit with your brand.

Improve Your Postings

Improving the rate at which you gain interest from the top talent starts with your job posting. Your opening paragraph has to have enough pizazz in it to keep the reader interested enough to move through the entire piece. Make sure that your overview of the position is accurate and that the job title makes sense, because most people will quickly move on if they read some hybrid type of title that is too complex.

Don’t mix the skills they must have with skills that are only add-ons. List them separately so you don’t confuse people or make them feel they aren’t qualified because of your add-ons.

The best candidates are looking for the right company culture fit, but they are also interested in compensation. Offer the salary range, but inform the reader that their actual salary will be determined by their experience.

The Power of Opportunity

If you’ve drafted an enticing opening, clearly named job title and provided the relevant information, now it’s time to let them know what opportunities they’ll have with this position.

The hiring process should involve informing candidates about their future potential within the company. This not only attracts them to the specific job post, but will endear them to the brand, to which they become loyal and have reasons for working toward advancing.

When you decide on which candidates to call in for an interview, consider another tool that can improve your rate of success in finding the perfect fit – the Predictive Index method used in the hiring process.

When you utilize the Predictive Index, you’re gaining science-backed methods of finding the right people for your open positions. It’s through cognitive and behavioral assessments that the process works, and it can help determine which candidates will be the best fit for your company culture. Contact us at PI Consulting Group and let us walk you through the process.