The Benefits of an Attractive Company Culture

Working toward a high-functioning company culture has many benefits.There is increasing proof that establishing a strong company culture is important to developing a high-functioning workplace. An employee happiness study by Snag shows that organizations that focus on developing their company culture have a turnover rate of almost 35 percentage points lower than those that don’t. Furthermore, today’s workforce is more demanding which makes it key that an employer is one with a company culture that meets employee needs.

Employee happiness is something more executives are keen to improve, as they realize a happy employee is not only more productive, they’re loyal to the organization and become the organization’s top asset. Happiness can and should be part of the company culture.

Unification Under Company Culture

When employees communicate well among themselves and their managers, unification is the end result. Unification only happens when the company culture is clear, promoted by executives who live it and get everyone around them excited about values reflected in the culture.

Unification doesn’t always come easy, particularly if departments have little to no interaction. To ensure there is buy-in across these barriers, making time for cross-departmental activities can assist in improving a more cohesive adoption of all the values set up within the defined company culture directives.

Boost Your Brand

When employees are happy within their jobs, they are proud to promote the brand. Using your branding on swag is a great promotional tool, and it’s something that can be given out to your employees for free. Seek out a quality manufacturer that makes items your employees will be proud to sport. It’s a small piece of the puzzle, but it can be a net benefit in providing more channels for helping your employees buy into your company culture.

Celebrate New Employees

It’s not easy being the new person in the office. Without the right onboarding process, it might take a couple of months before a new hire feels like they belong there. Organizations that focus on developing their company culture do everything they can to make new people feel welcomed. Instead of showing them their desk and telling them to “learn as they go,” new employees should be provided mentors who show them the ropes. This eases frustration and combats any resentment a new employee might foster

Utilize the Predictive Index Method

Don’t use guesswork to determine who will fit in with your unique company culture. Get scientific with it and use the Predictive Index. It’s a proven method for identifying people that will align with your company culture.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the Predictive Index experts, using behavioral and cognitive assessments to reveal workplace behaviors that are otherwise hidden. Contact us and let’s talk about our methods, how they can help you and how you can help your employees become happy representatives of your brand.