Building Teams to Help You Reach Strategic Business Goals

If your organization is like most; you’re involved in a variety of work tactics, from paperwork to computer work. AnUsing the Predictive Index will help management in buildings teams that thrive. important component of work that can’t be ignored is how you approach your people work. A 2019 PI Worldwide study found that many company leaders aren’t reaching strategic goals. This is largely connected to their people and how they approach building teams.

Missing strategic goals could be the result of unrealistic expectations. When you know that is not the case, the next step is to look at how you are building teams and how you’re communicating with and motivating individuals. Unmotivated employees are often not happy within their role. They’re disengaged and feel like they don’t fit in with your company culture.

Identifying the triggers to unhappiness is the first step in correcting problems. You have to look at how you onboard individuals. If your onboarding practices are weak, you’re going to see nearly immediate disengagement. You also need to look closely at how you’re managing people, because one of the top reasons given for leaving a job in an exit interview is the relationship they had with their direct manager.

Giving Your Managers the Right Information

It is key to give managers the tools they need to know how to lead individuals in the best way. Your managers will see their qualifications and perhaps have even interviewed them during the hiring process, but they don’t know exactly how they’re going to behave under various stressors within the workplace unless the employees are given a behavioral assessment.

The behavioral assessment is part of the Predictive Index method. Managers can use this to know how to effectively communicate and manage individuals. What might be a motivator for one employee can completely demotivate another. The behavioral assessment can help you determine who needs what to thrive.

Developing a Template

When you know the behavioral patterns of each individual, you can take a more scientific and proactive approach to how you’re going to manage them. You can develop personal development charts, management strategy guides, manager development charts and relationship guides.

Developing this type of well-rounded approach leaves nothing to chance – everything is laid out and progress can be tracked. While it might seem meticulous and borderline intrusive, employees benefit because they’re getting individual attention that will help them thrive. A thriving employee is a happy employee, which means they’ll remain loyal to the company, be less likely to look around at other career options and instead work toward helping you reach your strategic goals.

At PI Consulting Group, we can give you the Predictive Index tools to help your managers steer your employees in the right direction at their preferred pace. Contact us and let’s discuss building teams in a way that will help you reach strategic goals.