Taking the Hiring Process to a New Level

Employee turnover is a costly problem. Not only does it hurt the budget for talent acquisition, but it also killsOnboarding is a crucial part of the hiring process – make sure you’re doing it right. productivity. That’s why human resource departments are taking a closer look at the hiring process and developing techniques for better engagement.

A major flaw in the hiring process that many organizations experience is that they haven’t correctly defined the roles employees will take within specific positions. Job listings that haven’t been updated will entice the wrong people to apply, and once they land the job, they quickly find out it’s not what they thought it would be. This is what leads to 30% of employees heading for the door within 90 days of starting the job.

If you nail your job listing descriptions, you also have to make sure your onboarding process is streamlined. This involves getting as much of the paperwork as possible out of the way before they set foot in the office for their first day of work. It involves providing the new hire a mentor to help them learn the ropes instead of having them “just figure it out on their own.”

Get management involved in the onboarding process. This will help them establish a relationship with the new employee and give the manager a better idea about the employee’s personality and how they prefer to be managed. When management gets involved in the hiring process, employees are much more likely to make it past that 90-day barrier.

Corporate Culture

The hiring process increasingly includes Predictive Index (PI) assessments to ensure that applicants that don’t align with the company culture are weeded out early. This can technically also be associated with the onboarding process because the people who do fit the culture can be put off if you’re using an assessment (behavioral and/or cognitive) that is too time-consuming.

You don’t want to make a bad impression so early in the process, so make sure when you decide to utilize the PI process, you’re selecting the right PI consultant who works with quick and easy assessments that also provide a great amount of insight. Furthermore, make sure your PI consultant is also qualified to analyze the assessment results.

The assessment can actually do a lot more than just ensure culture alignment – it identifies more than 7,000 positive correlations between business performance and the assessment.

At PI Consulting Group, we offer the tools organizations need to improve their hiring process. We’re the predictive index experts, so contact us and we’ll help you with hiring, improving employee retention, develop strong teams, identify future leaders and boost sales performance.