Creating Job Postings to Entice and Acquire Top Talent

Reaching out to prospective employees with targeted ads will help in acquiring top talent.Advertising professionals put a lot of thought into the content they use to entice consumers. They narrow in on their target audience and find out where and how they consume information, then deliver thoughtful, action-provoking content that leads to a sale. You should be doing the same in your effort in acquiring top talent.

Given the economy, it’s increasingly difficult to pull top talent away from their current employment. And for those who are available, there is a lot of competition with other organizations. Your job posting is crucial to acquiring top talent.

Going Beyond the Job Description

You need to advertise your positions, not just post a standard job description. Make no mistake about it – a job description is vital as a starting point, but you have to constantly review them, as positions will evolve and change over time – the description has to be spot-on accurate or you’ll find that your applicant pool will include many that will actually not be a good candidate.

Rather than post a stale job description, you need to create content that will influence the right people to apply. Don’t get heavily detailed in the minutiae, like the hierarchy involved with the position – get to the meat of what your company stands for– what your values are. This will help you zero in on the people who will fit in with your company culture.

What’s the Competition Doing?

While all company cultures will differ, you might be losing people who fit your workplace to a “T” but are still heading to work for the competition. What is it about their postings that are so enticing? Are they using keywords you aren’t? Are they more attractive because of their benefits package? Find out where you’re missing the mark and make the appropriate changes.

Titles Matter

Just like your job description, the title says a lot about what you’re offering. As prospective employees skim the job titles, they might gloss over one of yours that is inaccurate. Furthermore, you might attract the wrong applicant with a faulty job title.

It’s all about pulling them in with the right words, and that matters if the actual job title doesn’t play well in the job forums and other channels you use to promote the opening.

Acquiring top talent can be made easier if you utilize the Predictive Index. Our professionals evaluate a cognitive and behavioral assessment that your applicants will take. This is a revealing process that can result in finding talent that will be a perfect match for your workplace. Contact us and let’s talk about the process.