The Key to Happy Employees

Are you finding that your once-happy employees display more frowns than smiles as of late? Happy employeesHappy employees are those who fit in with your unique company culture. don’t necessarily stay that way. It’s a process that requires constant attention, but is attainable with the right level of communication, respect and quality management.

Poor Communication

One thing that can negatively impact employees is poor communication. How does their direct manager talk to them and inform them about how to do a job, how well (or bad) they’re doing it and what’s going on within the company?

A good manager is one of the most inspiring forces that creates happy employees and gives them a reason to stay loyal to the company. A poor manager is often the reason an employee will leave. Make sure you’re bringing in leaders who are empathetic, listen with intent and are eager to communicate with each employee as an individual.

Bad Recognition

Do your employees know they’re valued? Recognition for a job well done goes a long way. Something as small as a manger popping by their desk to give them an earnest thumbs up for going the extra mile can motivate an individual because it makes them feel valued – that they’re working hard and that people are noticing.

Education Opportunities

Today’s workforce is looking for opportunities to advance. They also want to be given the tools that assist them in doing a great job. This can come in the form of a mentor who offers invaluable advice, seminars where they can absorb new methods of doing their job or workshops where they evolve into a more complete employee.

When the workplace becomes stagnant and no opportunities are available for achieving upward mobility, happy employees become quite the opposite.

Company Culture

There’s no downplaying the importance of salary and benefits, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Employees today want to work for a company that shares their values. If your company culture doesn’t align with what they hold dear, you’re going to see a drop in productivity and higher turnover.

You have to display your values at every turn. This includes everyone from C-Suite on down – they have to live and breathe the company culture. That can go beyond the company walls and out into the community where employees are encouraged to be an active force for good.

There is a science involved in making sure you’re hiring the right people, including managers, to fill roles in your unique company environment. The Predictive Index is a process where prospective employees take a behavioral assessment, which is analyzed by a professional. This brings to the forefront the people who are most likely to match your company culture.

Furthermore, the assessment can reveal future leaders, which means you can begin grooming managers early and make them that vital component of a team that inspires people who will become happy employees.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re helping companies in many industries build stronger, happier teams. Contact us and let’s talk about our process and how it will be a great benefit to your productivity.