How Confident Are You In Your Onboarding Process?

The onboarding process must be an ongoing task that involves top management and total employee buy-in.New hires face a make or break situation when they step foot in their new workplace. Unfortunately, the bulk of the control isn’t in their hands – it’s on the employer to implement a strong onboarding process to make sure they hit the ground running.

According to a survey titled “U.S. Trends and Application in Employee Onboarding” by The Harris Poll and Silk Road Technology, of the human resources professionals surveyed, half believe they have a “strategic” onboarding program. This includes content and experiences designed to achieve specific outcomes. Almost 70% have programs that last three months or less. The question is, should the onboarding process last longer?

The survey reveals that the top onboarding challenges include measuring how well the program performs against key process indicators, personalizing the process for the new hire, improving management, implementing changes quickly and hiring manager engagement and accountability.

Onboarding programs should be ongoing, but most of those in charge of the process say their biggest challenge is in engaging the front-line leaders and supervisors. They also report difficulty in enabling technology and/or vendor support. Another big issue is poor leadership support and involvement.

New Tech

Companies are bringing in new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to find efficiencies in the onboarding process. In fact, 83% of respondents in the survey said they were “extremely” or “somewhat” prepared to usher in this emerging technology.

AI can act as a single point of access for information. AI technology includes applications that basically hold all the information about the company. It’s being used to help new employees transition more smoothly into the operation, because it serves as the conduit for resources for new employees who have questions that AI can promptly answer for them. If a mentor isn’t available, this can be a big boost in getting a new hire up to speed quickly.

Utilizing the Predictive Index

The onboarding process can be greatly enhanced by knowing how your new hires will react to various workplace stimuli. You can utilize the Predictive Index process to ascertain whether or not your applicants are a good fit for your company culture, how they prefer to be managed, if they are left- or right-brained individual and many other insights.

The Predictive Index method involves a behavioral assessment that provides answers that experts analyze to determine a great amount of information that might not otherwise be visible.

If you want to see a vast improvement in your onboarding process, contact us at PI Consulting Group. We’ve got the experience you can count on to gain more visibility into what motivates your employees. As Predictive Index experts, we’ve got the tools you need to thrive.