Taking a Proactive Approach to the Leadership Pipeline

Utilize the Predictive Index to improve your leadership pipeline strategy.Establishing how your company is going to move forward requires taking many different avenues, but at the top of the list of important things to consider is your leadership pipeline, because with out solid leaders at the helm, growth is difficult if not impossible.

Establishing a leadership pipeline requires sustainability. To be sustainable, you must have insight into the tasks involved in your current roles and roles you’ll need to fill in the future. Updating job descriptions is a good first step in taking stock in what those roles currently are, how they’ve evolved and how they might change in the future.

If employee retention is something you’re currently struggling with, take a fresh look at your onboarding procedures and how your managers communicate with employees, because poor performance in either situation will prevent your employees from being content in their positions. You have to tackle this issue before you can move on to a strategy for a sustainable leadership pipeline, and you might find that your current leadership is lacking in the key skills. While good managers can be the reason that they stick around and perform at higher levels, poor managers are one of the top reasons for employees fleeing your organization.


At some point, leaders in your organization are going to move on, either through retirement, moving to another company or to a different position at your company. Succession planning has to be a big part of creating a leadership pipeline strategy. Succession planning involves looking at your short-term needs, but you should put an equal if not larger emphasis on your long-term needs.

Succession planning should allow for the expected as well as the unexpected. For example, you might be taken unaware by a sudden resignation. Reacting properly involves previously identifying potential leaders and actively grooming them for taking on more responsibility. This keeps you from leaving a position vacant for an inordinate amount of time as you seek out leaders or risk making a quick and wrong decision on someone who isn’t ready for the role.

Identifying Leaders

Leaders are empathetic, great listeners, excellent at delegating tasks and insightful when it comes to knowing how to manage individuals and groups. These are qualities that aren’t always outwardly obvious. To get a better idea of who has these qualities, use the Predictive Index method, which involves a behavioral assessment that is quite revealing.

Whether they’re current team members or potential new hires, you can use the Predictive Index as a tool for establishing your pipeline of future leaders. At PI Consulting Group, our Predictive Index experts evaluate and analyze behavioral assessment, taking the burden of finding the right leadership material off your shoulders. Contact us and let’s discuss our process.