Why You Should Take a New Approach to the Onboarding Process

Take the paperwork out of your onboarding process and focus on mentorship.Spend more time on your onboarding process and you’ll get results. Need proof? Just ask someone who’s loyal to their company, productive and fully engaged and you’ll find that when they came to their job, the company knew how to acclimate them to the new work environment.

When you fine-tune your onboarding process, you’re going to see an improved retention rate, due in part to the fact that first impressions mean a lot when it comes to employees settling in to their job. When the first introduction is anything less than satisfying, new employees get an immediate feeling that they may have landed in the wrong place.

Ditch the Paperwork

You can’t really “ditch” paperwork, but you can take it out of the onboarding process. If filling out paperwork is a critical part of your onboarding process, it may be time to take a new look at your strategy. A majority of paperwork should be completed before a new employee sets foot in the office.

Onboarding should have little to nothing to do with administrative procedures – it should be about giving new employees the information they need to thrive.

It’s a Prolonged Process

If you’re giving your new employees a weeklong program to get acclimated to the new job, you’re taking the wrong approach. Onboarding is an ongoing process that can take anywhere from 90 days to a year, depending on the job.

New employees need resources that go far beyond one week if they’re going to succeed. Anything less leaves them feeling frustrated and discouraged.

Use Your Mentors

Mentors provide an excellent learning opportunity for new employees. Rather than sitting down and trying to figure out how to do the work on their own, getting a first-hand look from an experienced person about how to carry out tasks gives them valuable insights that not only reduces the frustration of learning the ropes, but gives them a leg up, offering them a chance to succeed at a faster rate.

Boost Your Image

Talent acquisition is a challenge these days, as unemployment is low and quality talent is hard to come by. When you onboard successfully, your employees are far more likely to talk up their work experience and entice others to apply with you.

Use the Predictive Index

One way to get around the problems normally associated with onboarding is having more knowledge about what type of personality you’re bringing on board. Each individual has different needs, and by utilizing the Predictive Index method, you’ll have a behavioral assessment analyzed by a trained Predictive Index professional that will give you the valuable insights you need to effectively communicate with individuals on your team.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the Predictive Index experts. Contact us and let’s discuss our procedure. We’ll help you improve your onboarding program.