Is Your Hiring Process Failing?

Step away from the standard interview process and improve your hiring process.It happens all the time – a person is brought to the team, and they end up not meeting your expectations. In short, they’re not the best fit; not for the position or your company culture. But it’s not the new hire that failed you – it’s your hiring process.

Your hiring process needs to be comprehensive, considering everything from the accuracy of your job descriptions to developing a proper onboarding process.

The Interview Process

Interviews can be deceiving. Take your traditional conference room interview, for example. The usual questions are tossed around, which a savvy interviewee can knock out of the park, while more timid folks buckle under the pressure of the formal interview environment. You never really know what you’re going to get, because the person who knows the script can come off as more qualified than they actually are.

Your hiring process should avoid the standard interview. Take them out for coffee and engage in small talk so you can make them more comfortable and allow them to reveal their personality. Have some of your employees join in, because they’re going to have unique questions that managers might leave out. Your goal should be to create an environment where you’re seeing the true person, not just the interview version of them.

Don’t be afraid to throw some curveballs along the way. Ask them about what comes natural to them, whether it is work related or not. Inquire about qualities in their parents that they most admire. These are questions that can help get them out of the “interview box” and into more revealing territory.

The Dinner Test

You can see a lot about a person by the way they navigate a car through rush hour traffic. If they’re prone to blowing through yellow lights and driving aggressively, they probably have an office temperament that’s similar to a bull in a China shop. The same can be said of how they treat servers in a restaurant, which is a more appropriate environment for an interview than a crowded roadway.

Do they make eye contact with the server? Do they remain calm if the meal comes out late or the order is wrong? Do they display an air of politeness in everything from table manners to asking questions of interviewers? The way they behave at lunch or dinner can be quite telling about what they’ll be like as a part of your team.

The Predictive Index

Your hiring process should include tools that assist you in a scientific manner. The Predictive Index is that tool. It’s a test comprised of about 50 questions. The answers they provide can reveal many interesting facts about their cognitive abilities and their capacity to learn in the workplace.

At PI Consulting Group, we utilize the learning indicator as well as the behavioral assessment to gain more insights into how an applicant will respond to workplace behaviors. Contact us and let’s talk about your hiring process and how we can be a valuable part of it.