Wellness as a Part of a Strong Company Culture

Company culture should involve a focus on wellness and other key areas for today’s workforce.Today’s workforce demands more from employers, and if your company has an accommodating company culture, you will maintain an edge over the competitors in attracting top talent.

Wellness is one of the areas that ranks high in importance for employees. It is a broad term, as there are any number of items that can be placed in its description. For example, happiness, burnout, time off, career advancement and quality communication are all terms that can be used when talking about an employee’s level of wellness. They’re also all important aspects of the overall picture and must be a part of developing a strong company culture.

One of the most often talked about issues regarding wellness involves the work/life balance. You might argue that given the use of smartphones, we’re never really fully detached from work, but when it comes to the demands of the employer, there needs to be a component of the company culture that values work/life balance. There must be recognition on the part of the employer that the balance workers yearn for is more than a simple “want.” Work-from-home opportunities, more vacation days, flexibility with time off – all of these can lead to an improved work/life balance.

Rewarding Positive Behavior Improves Well-Being

Your values are what define you as a company, and values are the essence of your company culture. The more you live and breathe your values, the more buy-in you’re going to get from your employees. This equates to loyalty, happiness and many other positive traits.

A key value is that you always show appreciation when it is due: recognize and reward positive behaviors and outcomes. This is also a crucial part of company culture and the well-being of employees, which is essential in achieving a happier workplace.

Offer Professional Growth

You have to be invested in your employees’ future, and most of them are looking for opportunities to grow. Challenge them and see the rewards. The more they’re engaged and learning, the better the outcome for the company as a whole.

Be quick to allow for educational opportunities as they arise. It could be a webinar, seminar, retreat, college course or a continuing education course you sponsor. Today’s workforce won’t settle for contentment and they won’t suffer stagnation. Give them the room to grow.

Your company culture is stronger when you recruit people who will be a good match for your unique brand. Not everyone is going to be a good match, but you don’t have to hire someone and put them through a real-life work situation to find out. You can use the Predictive Index method (PI).

PI involves cognitive and behavioral assessments that offer insights not available through the traditional interview. At PI Consulting Group, we assist clients evaluating these assessments and making sure they build quality teams. Contact us and let’s talk about your company culture and how our processes will assist you.