Is it Time to Look More Closely at Your Hiring Process?

Is the hiring process stressing you out? There are ways around the problematic issues that can lead to stressUsing the right tools can help you take the stress out of the hiring process. without having a negative impact on the quality of the people you bring in to your organization.

First and foremost, the hiring process is not going to go perfectly every time. There are too many unknown variables to expect perfection at every turn. If you don’t find the dream candidates you were hoping for, always remember that after a successful onboarding process, they can be given the tools to perform at high levels. However, there are things you can do to ensure your hiring process is effective and helping you find the right people for your company,

Manage the Process

Hiring is often thought of as a side job – something you do when your main work is complete. Managing the process more regularly, like blocking specific days or hours in a day for the hiring process, can help ease the burden.

To reduce the stress of the situation, consider only interviewing on two afternoons a week and never stray from those two days. This will help you regulate the process and make it more structured.

Reducing Follow-Ups

While it’s important to let candidates know where they stand in terms of employment, don’t let a barrage of follow up emails bog you down. To avoid this, be clear about the timeline and when they will be told about their prospects of getting hired. For example, if you still have three full weeks of interviews in front of you, say, “you’ll hear from me in three weeks.”


If you’ve got a job posting that generates a large number of applications, consider using automation to screen them for you. This can prevent good candidates from falling through the cracks. Artificial intelligence can take repetitive tasks, such as screening resumes, and make quick work of it.

Job Descriptions

Job positions can evolve over time, which is why it’s important to look closely at what you’re putting out there in your postings. Take a deep look at the position and redefine it as necessary – never repost a description from years past. With a more accurate job description, you’ll get more qualified candidates and avoid hiring the wrong person.

Use the Predictive Index

By partnering with experienced consultants using scientific methodology, you can find the right people and develop the leaders that will take you into the future. Predictive Index methods have been in use since 1955, and there is reliable research behind the process to prove it works.

If you want the decisions being made in your hiring process to be more data-driven, the Predictive Index is key for a successful hire. Its main uses are for talent acquisition, talent development, change management and growth strategy.

AT PI Consulting Group, we’re a certified partner of The Predictive Index, which means we have the tools to help you develop a more productive workforce and top-notch leaders. Contact us and let’s discuss our approach.