If Attaining a High-Functioning Workforce is Your Goal, Focus on Talent Acquisition

Curbing attrition rates and beefing up talent acquisition objectives go hand-in-hand. When you hire the rightFrom onboarding to using predictive analytics, there are many ways to approach talent acquisition. talent, your attrition problems seem to fix themselves. Yet it’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, many companies continue to get it wrong.

Be Attractive

Your company has unique brand qualities, which are what people who need to work with you are searching for. In order for them to see what you are, you have to get yourself out there in the right light, which includes everything from your social media presence to your job postings.

Quality job candidates aren’t just the ones with exceptional resumes – they are the people seeking to be proud to say they work where they put in their 40 hours per week. They bring qualities that can drive attrition rates way down, the most important being happiness, which can infect others around them.

All outreach content should exemplify that yours is a great company to work for. Furthermore, all content should be consistent and be an example of what your company culture actually is.

Compensate in the Right Ways

It is key for you have to make sure your compensation package is up to par with your competitors. Compensation can come in many different ways. Salary is high on most employees list of important benefits. Healthcare benefits run a close second. After that, you have to consider various other forms of compensation, such as paid time off, remote work opportunities and job advancement programming.

Use Predictive Analytics

Talent acquisition can be stronger when you look at key data, too. With just an interview, you’re not always going to be sure what you’re getting in an employee until they’ve shown their true colors, at which point it might be too late.

By using Predictive Analytics you can drill down on what actually makes a person tick and determine if they will fit your unique company culture.

Behavioral and cognitive assessments have been scientifically proven to work in matching you with the right prospects.


Talent acquisition involves more than the job description and application process – it also involves onboarding in such a way that the newly acquired asset is going to get a highly favorable view of your company in their first few months on the job.

When you onboard correctly, you’re making a first impression that speaks highly of your brand. And remember, onboarding isn’t just a week of orientation – it’s up to months of mentoring, training and settling a person into their position with confidence.

If you need assistance with talent acquisition, contact us at PI Consulting Group. We’re the Predictive Index experts ready to assist you in developing a high-functioning workforce.