Do You Have the Right People in the Right Places … Doing the Right Things?

Be an effective leader with a smart hiring process and meet your goals faster.Few, if any, organizations can claim to have a weak workforce and boast steady profits – it just doesn’t happen. Even having one or two weak links in your team can be detrimental to your bottom line, which is why your hiring process is critical for your success, especially in today’s job market.

Everyone knows that the hiring process is important if you’re going to bring in top talent that will shine for you today and lead you toward the path to tomorrow, but it can be a challenging process. Take a fresh look at how you approach the hiring process and see if you can find some areas where you need to make changes.

The Company Culture Match

You know by now that not everyone is going to be a match for your unique company culture. It’s tough for candidates to know if they’re a good fit if your company culture isn’t on display in everything you do, so make that a priority.

It starts with your mission statement, which is key if you’re going to attract the people who will fit right in with your company culture. Take some time to evaluate yours and make changes if it doesn’t match what your company is really about.

Be A Good Employer

You can improve your hiring process results by having a good reputation. When you’re the best in your industry in your region, you’re going to attract the best local talent. Your reputation is like an advertisement unto itself.

You can build your reputation up by treating your employees well, offering competitive compensation and hiring top-quality managers who know how to communicate with employees and keep them happy.

Recruit Effectively

Finding quality candidates to fill open positions isn’t something that happens only when a position is open. Rather than leave a position open for an inordinate amount of time as you seek out candidates, always be looking to see who is available in the near future. This is referred to as “grooming the talent pipeline.”

When you identify someone who you know will be a great match, let them know you’re interested so they can keep you in mind. You can get the relationship rolling and be ready to pounce the moment a position comes open.

Utilize the Predictive Index

The Predictive Index method of hiring takes a scientific approach that removes the guesswork out of hiring. At PI Consulting Group, we’re the Predictive Index experts who can get you hooked up with the right candidates.

We utilize behavioral and cognitive assessments to get to the bottom of what people are all about, so you can identify top performers ready to be part of your team. Contact us and let’s discuss our methods.