Making Positive Steps Toward Employee Engagement

Great communication and access to the best tools to do the job right will improve employee engagement.Employee engagement strategies are built around trying to improve employees’ work/life balance and give them a sense of happiness, which makes them more productive and improves your organization’s retention rate. The definition of happiness, however, will differ from employee to employee. For example, some will find happiness in having all the tools provided to them so they can do the job right, while others will find happiness in developing bonds with their fellow employees. You need to cultivate an environment where everyone has the opportunity to develop their own sense of happiness.

The Feedback Loop

Relationships take a lot of effort if they’re going to be successful. The best relationships have something in common – great communication. Company cultures that encourage employees to share feedback get it right. And not only is feedback encouraged, the company culture is one where mediums for offering feedback are provided so there are no barriers to keep the communication from freely flowing.

Choosing the Right People for the Role

Every position in your organization is probably a little different, which means you have to hire smart. Employee engagement hinges on this factor, as choosing the wrong person means they’ll be far from content in that role and will likely underperform or move on quickly.

It begins with your job description. Don’t just rehash the one from the time that position was previously open – thoroughly research what the job involves and accurately portray that in your job description. Doing so will eliminate the possibility of a candidate signing up for something that won’t fit their expectations.

Go Beyond the Interview

While it’s vitally important that job descriptions are correct and your interview process refined, you still need assistance in figuring out how a candidate will react to various workplace stimuli, and this isn’t something you can figure out in an interview.

The Predictive Index is a scientifically proven process that works to help you understand what would otherwise be invisible. The key ingredient to the process is a behavioral assessment, which is analyzed by a Predictive Index expert and will become a huge help in employee engagement.

At PI Consulting Group, our process helps clients streamline hiring. We have the tools to see which candidates are a behavioral and cognitive match for specific company cultures and job positions. Find out more about how we assist our clients by contacting us today.